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My name is Betty Aguilar.  I am a REALTOR in Central Virginia and I have created Win Win For A Cause so that I can communicate my “forever endeavor” to give back to the community and possibly encourage others to do the same.  My livelihood is real estate and I am vowing here and now to give a portion of my commission of closed real estate transactions to a charity or non-profit that the client chooses within 30 days of the home closing.

I am not wealthy, but I have what I need in life.  Others do not.  Giving to those in need makes me happy. I feel that I can make our world a better place.  I want my clients to experience that feeling as well.  In this website, I will keep you informed of my progress and also give you interesting information about how other organizations are giving back as I am.

I am passionate about my work.  I will do whatever is necessary to make my clients’ real estate transactions go smoothly so they are completely satisfied with the result – whether they’ve purchasing a home or selling one.  I want to be MORE than your REALTOR… I want you to WIN WIN for a cause.  Get the real estate service that YOU need and give to a cause that NEEDS YOU.  Win Win.  Contact me today 434-996-9699 or

When I do good, I feel good; when I do bad, I feel bad, and that is my religion.
Abraham Lincoln

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