Quick, Easy, & Inexpensive Home Upgrades

Looking to add a little value to your home? It doesn’t need to be a cost-prohibitive undertaking to add up to some valuable changes. Invest a few hours of sweat equity, a few bucks (generally under $100), and you’ll be surprised at the results.

All of these projects can be done over the course of a weekend. Several actually, if you are highly motivated.

Frame out your bathroom mirror

Know how to use a saw and have some understanding of how to calculate angles? You can make your builder grade bathroom look more custom by creating a quick and easy frame. According to DIY Network, this easy project should cost about $25 in materials and take approximately four hours to complete and that’s using cedar boards. MDF molding may cost even less. Give it a quick splash of paint or stain to make it your own.

Change your chandelier


How old is that dining room light fixture? Was it inherited from the previous owners or part of an outdate trend? A quick trip to your local home improvement store can seriously amp up your style. This trendsetting, Kenroy Home Anemone 7-Light Bronze Chandelier will make a huge impact in your space, and, at just $96.25, will have friends and potential buyers (if you’re planning to sell) thinking you spent much more.

Change your light bulbs

Burned out light bulbs may seem insignificant, but they can easily lend the impression of a dark and dreary or, even worse, untended home. How many light bulbs are actually functioning in your house right now? Fresh bulbs can lighten up your home, and your mood. Bulbs are available in a range of options – from soft white to bright, bright daylight to suit any home and any room. Don’t limit yourself.

 Buy a new fan


Winter is a great time to buy ceiling fans because stores are looking to move inventory that might sit until spring and summer. Swap out or install a fan that will add a new element to your rooms. From the very modern to classic, choose a style that fits your home’s personality. Or the personality you want it to cultivate.

Mulch your yard

Mulch is cheap, easy to install yourself, and can add valuable curb appeal that makes your home look fresh and well-taken-care-of. A two-cubic-foot bag will cost you $3–4 a bag, but watch for sales at Lowe’s and Home Depot, when they go on sale for two bucks each. Mulches come in many colors to compliment your house and yard.


Add a backsplash

You can give your kitchen a little love and make it look more updated easily by adding a backsplash. Subway tile is an easy choice because it’s classic and neutral and has been the favorite backsplash option for several years.


If you want a bold option that doesn’t require grouting, opt of a peel and stick glass tile. With a multitude of colors and designs to choose from, you can add the look of the real thing with minimal effort.

Freshen the Front Door

A freshly painted (or brand-new, if needed) front door is repeatedly counted among the best updates to make to your home. This is a task you can easily tackle yourself in just a few hours. Not sure what color to pick? This quick and fun HGTV quiz can help you decide. You can also change out the hardware to add a new element to an existing door.

What are some of your favorite, inexpensive home upgrades?


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