Meet our Newest – The Blue Ridge Center for Environmental Stewardship

steward-1Last year, several new organizations were added to the list clients can choose to receive a Win Win for a Cause donation in lieu of a traditional closing gift. I am pleased to announce that The Blue Ridge Center for Environmental Stewardship is one of these very worth local organizations, offering visitors a plethora of opportunities to explore the area, hike and camp, and study the land’s history and environment.

The Blue Ridge Center for Environmental Stewardship is a place where farming, nature, and history converge to show the connections between people and the natural world. The center is home to deep woods and streams, a working farm, wildflower meadows, historic farmsteads, a farm market, wildlife and farm animals.



The center hosts a tremendous variety of activities ranging from community farming to archaeology. The over 900-acre tract provides amazing opportunities for nature enthusiasts – walk the trails, pick your own flowers, help on an archaeological dig, buy farm fresh & eggs veggies, or attend a workshop.

A visit to the Blue Ridge Center for Environmental Stewardship begins with rolling farmland and a view of the Blue Ridge Mountains rising unbroken to the west. The trails gradually move into older and denser deciduous forest and by walking up the power line, you can access the Appalachian Trail. Hike the trails or wander the open fields and discover an amazing variety of wildlife native to the Appalachians.


In the early 19th century, prior to the Civil War, the Blue Ridge Center lands were heavily settled. The most visible reminders of the once thriving settlement along Piney Run are the buildings.  In all, 33 sites have been identified.  There are many stories to tell and even more to discover.

The Blue Ridge Center uses all possible resources, from historic texts and documents, oral histories, to archaeological methods, to discover each story, how it relates to each of us and the land we tread each day.

Have you visited the Blue Ridge Center for Environmental Stewardship?

Please share your experiences.

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