Ants: That Pesky Little Problem (That Nobody Wants to Talk About)


The summer time brings us many wonderful things – longer days, sunny beaches, and warm nights. However, summer also brings us ants – those invasive little pesks that can get into all levels of your house, any room, and every unsealed morsel of food. They are especially drawn to kitchens and cooler spaces like basements, bathrooms, and near air cooling units.

Pesticides are typically manufactured with harsh chemicals that can be harmful to both the humans and the animals in a home. Luckily, there are many ways to stop ants in their trails without the use of pesticides. Below are some home remedies to keep ants away from and out of your home.

Stop Them Before They Get In

The best offense is sometimes a good defense. Take cornmeal and pour a bit of it near doors or other areas where the ants are coming into your house.

Soap Barrier

Ants often swarm pet food bowls because they are typically pungent and easily accessible at floor level. An easy way to avoid this issue is to place the food bowl into another bowl filled with soapy water. This bubbly moat acts as barrier to keep ants away from your pet’s food.

Spice it Up

Ants abhor the fresh smells of cinnamon and lavender. Freshen your rooms while scaring away unwanted visitors.

ants cinnamon

Rubber Band

Whether it is through a loose lid or due to a little residue left on the exterior, persistent ants can sometimes still get to jarred goods and other containers. Adding a simple rubber band to your containers may help keep the ants away.

Drawing a Line 

Chalk or baby powder are two non-toxic remedies for ant protection. Both contain talc powder, which is a natural ant deterrent. You can sprinkle either substances on areas where you see ants without risk of contaminating food.

It’s a Grind

Like chalk and baby powder, coffee grounds naturally deter these invasive insects. Coffee grounds are especially useful when sprinkled in your garden and anywhere you have mulch. Added bonus – coffee grounds tend to harmlessly repel cats, too.

ants coffee


Vinegar is a remarkably versatile thing. In addition to being a useful cleaning agent it is also an ant repellant!  Due to its level of acidity, vinegar solutions can kill most bacteria, mold, and germs. Due to its scent, ants avoid vinegar. Thus, cleaning your counter tops, floors, and any other at-risk surfaces can keep your house clean and ant free.

Remove the Food Source

Summer often means wonderful, fresh fruit, a favorite ant food. This may appear simple enough, but during the summer season, eliminating the food source is a sure-fire way to eliminate the ants.

Though an invasion feels icky, ant infestations have less to do with the cleanliness of your home and more to do with the weather. Ants are more prone to invade during rain and drought – it is simply their biology. Regardless of how you decide to tackle the problem, sometimes you will just have to wait it out.

What are some of your tried and true ant repellant solutions?


One thought on “Ants: That Pesky Little Problem (That Nobody Wants to Talk About)

  1. Terro. We swear by that stuff. Leave a few drops out (it contains boric acid) and ants swarm it, then disappear.
    We just got back from the lake house, which has a serious ant problem. Leaving terro out made a huge difference.

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