Ten Quick & Easy Upgrades

It doesn’t necessarily take deep pockets to make upgrades your home. Below are some tips to inexpensively, and often quickly, add a little flair to your home and make it your own.

Plant an Evergreen Screen

Plant an evergreen screen to add privacy and curb appeal. If planted on the north side of your house they can also block winter winds. Arborvitae ‘Green Giant’ can climb 3 feet in one year!


Hook Yourself Up

Wall-mount a row of hooks above your kitchen counter to keep dish towels and measuring cups at the ready.

Turn a Closet into a Home Office

This is a great space-creator! Remove a closet door and swap hanging rods for shelves. One deep one for the desktop and several shallow ones above for storage.

Instant Shelving

Remove the doors on upper cabinets, then paint the interiors for instant open shelving. Just a gallon of acrylic paint in a washable semi-gloss sheen will let your true colors show.

Install a New Doorbell

A new, attractive doorbell can add a polished and welcoming element to your entryway.

Raise the Lighting

Free up some space by swapping end table lamps with matching pendant lighting.

10 2

Doorway Shelf

Add a shelf above a doorway, paint it to match the trim, then use it to display pottery, books, whatever fits your style.

10 3

Install a Ceiling Fan

Install a vintage-look ceiling fan to recirculate warmed air in winter. Reverse the blades’ spin to lower summer cooling costs.

Add Floating Shelves

Add floating wall-mount shelves in place of a bookcase. Floating shelves create an open, airy look and frees up floor space, making the room feel bigger.

10 4Paint Your Front Door

For an instant transformation, brush on your favorite vibrant color, such as a rich red or warm blue, for a more welcoming entry that makes a statement.

What are some of your favorite, affordable home upgrades?

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