Building for the Future

BGF constructBuilding Goodness Foundation (BGF) is a nonprofit construction organization based in Charlottesville, Virginia. Each year, BGF helps build and renovate structures for nonprofits doing great things in local communities both in the US and abroad.  I am proud to say that Building Goodness Foundation is one of the local groups supported through Win Win for a Cause donations.


They connect skilled volunteers from the design and construction industries with high-impact nonprofit organizations in need of new or renovated space. Local volunteers are coordinated to design and build structures for non-profits, including health clinics, birthing centers, women’s clinics, schools and community venues.

BGF school

BGF often reduces the cost of U.S. partners’ capital projects by as much as half. This allows a nonprofit’s scarce funding to be funneled back into their life-affirming services.

They also provide critically-needed housing repairs for several low-income U.S. families each year.


BGF successfully builds structures for partners in some of the poorest nations in the world.

Through a Field Manager living on site, BGF collaborates with a partner NGO to design and build a needed structure, while employing and training local workers in the construction process, side-by-side with volunteers.

The above-average wages paid to local workers in these communities contribute positive economic impacts on areas in dire need.

BGF house

Help them build communities and improve lives

BFG’s specialty is placing design and construction professionals in volunteer roles that play to their strengths, but they welcome volunteers of all skill sets and backgrounds. Find out how you can help them make a lasting impact where it most needed.






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