Providing Shelter in the Storm


The homeless are often overlooked because they are not always visible. One wonderful local organization opens its doors each winter, committed to helping homeless adults in our community find shelter during cold nights. I am proud to say that People and Churches Engaged in Ministry (PACEM) is one of the local groups supported through Win Win for a Cause donations.

At the end of March, PACEM closed their shelters after the 11th winter of providing shelter and compassionate support to 201 people who are homeless in the Charlottesville area.

The idea for PACEM was formed In 2003 during discussions among Charlottesville clergy and homeless advocates. Members of Charlottesville’s Downtown Ministerial Alliance realized they shared the experience of showing up for work in the morning and regularly finding homeless neighbors sleeping in the doorways. The need to provide shelter for individual who could not access existing programs was evident.

The Downtown Ministerial Alliance and Thomas Jefferson Area Coalition for the Homeless (TJACH) joined together to create PACEM.


PACEM opened the doors of its shelters during the winter of 2004. Eleven years later, they continue as a grassroots organization, committed to helping homeless adults find shelter during the cold winter nights.  PACEM has provided more than 73,000 total nights of shelter for homeless individuals in our community.

Want to help?

If you are interested in volunteering your time, you can find information here

The next time you’re shopping on Amazon, please enter through AmazonSmile.  A portion of every purchase you make goes to a non-profit organization of your choice. PACEM is now one of your choices.

If you’re eligible to contribute to the Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign, PACEM’s CVC number is 03345.

                             How do you plan to give back to the community?


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