“The idea of wilderness needs no defense, it only needs defenders.”

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I am proud to say that the Wildlife Center of Virginia is one of the recipients of donated commissions from buyers and sellers I have represented and is a wonderful organization that I am proud to help my clients support.

As those of us who are fortunate enough to live in Central Virginia know, the Shenandoah Valley boasts a rich history and heritage, as well as an amazingly scenic beauty that is home to a diverse animal population. The Wildlife Center of Virginia provides a much-needed healthcare service, often on an emergency basis, to the native wildlife residents.

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Located in Waynesboro, the Wildlife Center of Virginia, an internationally acclaimed teaching and research hospital for wildlife and conservation medicine, has rehabilitated wildlife in the area for over thirty years.

Operating out of a 5,700 square-foot building, the Wildlife Center consists of the veterinary clinic, diagnostics laboratory, operating suite, and radiology room, as well as offices for administration and outreach staff. The Center also has an array of outdoor facilities for non-releasable education animals as well as recovering patients, including large flight pens, a bear enclosure, an aviary, deer fawn pens, and more.

Since 1982, the Center has:

  • Treated more than 65,000 wild animals, representing more than 200 species of native birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians.
  • Shared the lessons learned from these cases with some 1.5 million school-children and adults across Virginia.
  • Trained a corps of wildlife medicine practitioners, including veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and volunteer wildlife rehabilitators.


In 2007, the Wildlife Center received the National Conservation Achievement Award from the National Wildlife Federation as the Conservation Organization of the Year. To see the most recent stories or to donate to this wonderful organization, please visit them at http://wildlifecenter.org/about-center/press-room.

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The Wildlife Center offers many educational programs throughout the year to ‘teach the world to care for wildlife and the environment.’

Would you know how to care for a wild animal in need of emergency help?





One thought on ““The idea of wilderness needs no defense, it only needs defenders.”

  1. Darthy Gardner says:

    I have interacted with this wonderful Center many times and over many years. I have taken wounded animals to them (birds and squirrels), and they were so concerned and eager to do the enormous work involved in taking care of wounded and immature animals. I was once able to help supply their need for a lake to release two geese they had nursed to health by providing them the perfect large lake they needed.

    I met Nathou (who very kindly brought me a bag of homegrown tomatoes), and we took the geese in their carriers, set the carriers on the shore, opened them, and cheered quietly when they stepped out into the water, looked surprised that there were no barriers, and starting swimming. It was a beautiful sight.

    I urge everyone who has not visited and toured the Center to do so. Also, please consider the wonderful work they do, and send them a donation.

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