Relax & Enjoy Your Vacation at Home


Staycation: a period in which an individual or family stays home and participates in leisure activities within driving distance, sleeping in their own beds at night.

This time of year many of us, though certainly not all, will have some extra time off from work. Whether due to time or monetary restrictions, the ‘staycation’ has become increasingly popular as families and individuals opt out of more traditional (and expensive) vacations. Below are some suggestions.

Watch a movie

Going to see a movie on the big screen can be a wonderful escape from reality. For two hours, you are out of the house and into another reality. Alternately, pop some microwave popcorn, put on your pajamas and choose a movie from Netflix or Amazon.

See a show

With a little planning and a little gas, you can find myriad opportunities to catch a show here in the Valley or in nearby Richmond. We also happen to have the world’s only recreation of Shakespeare’s Blackfriars Theatre right here in Staunton. Check out the American Center’s current plays here.


Take a nap

How often are you able to relax enough to catch some extra shut eye in the middle of the day? This is your opportunity to indulge yourself.


Read a book

That book that you keep meaning to read? Read it. Looking for suggestions? Look here.

Take a walk

Grab your best friend and take a walk. I am sure your dog will love the extra bonding time and it is a great chance to meet new people. Don’t have a dog? Not only is walking great exercise, it can raise feel -good endorphins and allow you to absorb some much-needed Vitamin D.








Treat yourself to a spa day

A trip to the spa is not an extravagance. The benefits are many – stress reduction, psychological benefits, detoxification, improved blood circulation, reduced blood pressure, and better sleep. Have you called your local spa yet?

The true beauty of a staycation is allowing yourself to do the things you don’t ordinarily have time to do. Break the routine of household chores and weekday duties and focus on relaxing, whatever that means to you.

What plans do you have to enjoy your time off?




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