Powder Room Panache


The bathroom may not be the first room you think of when you consider design and décor, but it is one of the most often utilized places in your home – whether family, neighbor, or guest. Consider adding some personal touches to your bathroom and make a statement with it.


One of the first things to consider when decorating your bathroom is the color. From wall colors to decorative elements like curtains, linens, and wallpaper, you will have plenty of options to add your personal touch.

Because bathrooms are often small spaces, many homeowners choose to feature light colors in their bathroom decor, as these tend to expand a space, whereas darker colors can make a space feel cozier. White is a great choice because it keeps the look simple and clean. Light beiges, yellows and blues can all be great choices for a light and bright bathroom decor. Think about the atmosphere you want to create and choose colors that will achieve that goal.



Bathroom hardware is another big choice that will make a big difference. The styles of your sinks and faucets say something about you. There are so many types and styles to choose from but, like your outdoor hardware, don’t mix and match styles. Stick with one theme and make it work. The bathroom hardware also needs to be functional, so make sure to address safety considerations, especially if there are children or anyone with special needs in your home.

Keep it simple

A minimalist approach to decorating the bathroom is often wise, especially if the room is small. Decorating a bathroom can be challenging because the room is so small and its purpose so specific. A few items of decoration and a splash of color here and there can help make a room look bigger. It can also maintain the sense of tranquility that most people desire in their bathroom decor.

You may want to decorate the bathroom to reflect the same style as the rest of the home – making sure that your bathroom reflects your sense of style is important. Both house members and guests will notice and enjoy the bathroom more if it looks attractive and well thought out.

Lighten up

Lighting can go a long way towards creating the appearance of more space in a small bathroom. Decorative lighting can be strategically deployed to open up the bathroom, with the sink and shower areas illuminated specifically with task lights, and space over and below cabinets decoratively illuminated to create height and depth in the space.


Go green

Bring the outside in! Incorporating greenery into your bathroom design can be a great decorative option and serve as a natural air purifier. Plants can be featured on windowsills or shelving, and collections of rocks or driftwood can add to a natural decor theme.  If you don’t have a green thumb, don’t worry. Artificial plants create the same aesthetic feel.


It will take a bit of work and time, but decorating your bathroom is a worthwhile endeavor. Most importantly – make it your own!

What do you do to make your bathroom a decorative hit?


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