Home Color Trends – These Aren’t Your Grandma’s Neutrals

Color Swatches and plans

Deciding which color to paint a wall, a room, or even the exterior of your home is personal and, to a degree, financial decision. The trends for 2015-16 are decidedly neutral in contrast to the bright colors that have been in vogue the past few years.

There are actually ‘color forecasters’ who determine the ‘it’ colors for a given year. It is an interesting combination of prediction, social psychology, and design savvy. Information is gathered from advertising and media, trade show displays, and even the nation’s mood and the cultural temperature. Neutrals seem to feel safe in a huge election year, an ongoing war, and an uncertain economy.

The New Neutrals

BUT, this does not mean boring. Not at all. The ‘new neutrals’ are more balanced between warm and cool tones, allowing the decorator/owner to really make a splash with strategic accent colors. In the past, neutral tended toward a warm, yellow-based undertone; the new neutrals mix warm grays and greens that work well with pretty much any color because they are, in fact, truly neutral. Used throughout a home, they lend a warm, inviting hue.

Olive Green and soft gray are two of the hottest neutrals this year according to Dubai Chronicle. These both offer an upbeat base, perfect to pair with neutrals like chocolate brown and grey or colorful.

Pure whites are also very popular. A neutral white allows a wide range of colors to blend nicely and give the space the personalization the owner desires. This also allows the furniture, materials, and accent pieces to stand out in defined contrast.  

Something Blue

Blues never go out of style and this year is no exception.  Mediterranean Blue and Seaport Blue – these two shades of blue predicted to be most popular – will balance wonderfully with the new neutral trend. Blue is a versatile color of calm and peace that will fit in virtually and room of a house.

How Do I Know this is THE Right Color?

The tiny paint sample cards hardware stores hand out may not accurately indicate how the colors would look on your walls. Colors generally look darker and more vibrant in larger quantities, and an entire wall full of paint is a much larger quantity than the little samples.

Here are two ideas:

Paint the walls of the room with a white primer if their current color is dark or distinctive. Testing your samples on a colorful wall will not give you an accurate idea of what the color will look like by itself, so start by creating a blank canvas for your tests. You are going to have to prime the walls before you paint anyhow, so make sure you love it!

Even easier – take a piece of foam board or even cardboard, paint it the potential color and adhere to a wall.

Either way, be sure to really look at the color throughout the day when the room receives different amounts and types of light to ensure that it is the perfect fit for your home. 

Ever chosen just the right color? Or a just awful color? Please share your painting tips and experiences!


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