Spring is the Time of Plans and Projects


Enhancing your home’s curb appeal is a win-win investment. You get the pleasure derived from owning, and returning to, a visually-appealing home tailored to your tastes. It is also a great return on investment, as it will attract more potential buyers if you decide to sell. As we discussed last week, you can do amazing remodels and upgrades in the home’s interior, but if it lacks curb appeal, chances are they will never be seen.

Adding or enhancing curb appeal can be a fairly easy and affordable project that can be undertaken in a weekend or just a few hours. And, as we just mentioned, the return on your investment is huge. Below are some fixes to your home and yard that will add lasting value to your home.

Replace hardware
These are quick changes that can make an immediate improvement. House numbers, the entry door lockset, the mailbox, the door knocker, and light fixtures are all elements that can add style and interest to your home’s exterior curb appeal.

If they’re out of date, replace them. If they are weather-worn, a thorough cleaning or fresh paint can make a huge difference. These elements add the most appeal when they function collectively, rather than as mix-and-match pieces.

Refresh the front door
A peeling or worn front door can be a serious deterrent to potential buyers. This is an inexpensive project that can be finished in just a few hours and make a huge positive impression for both the returning homeowner and buyers. Repaint the door, or personalize it with a color that matches the rest of the exterior. The current trend seems to be a contrast between the front door and the home’s façade. Be sure to check with your Home Owners’ Association, if applicable. 

Exterior facelift
New paint, siding, or trim details automatically transform the look of a home. Periodic maintenance of that exterior surface is the most affordable way to maintain the aesthetic of the home. Obvious defects, such as cracked material or missing elements, can quickly turn away potential homebuyers. Another option is to add or refinish shutters to update the appearance of the home.

Plant, plant, plant
Perhaps one of the most rewarding and personal ways to increase curb appeal is lawn maintenance. Your home will look neater and well-cared for with consistent mowing, edging, and fresh mulch in the foundation planting beds.

Window boxes offer a fast, easy way to bring color and charm to your home. Choose boxes made from copper or iron for a traditional look, or paint wooden boxes to match the home’s appearance.

Consider brightly colored annuals in the spring and summer and plant flowers with autumn hues in the fall.For instant change, purchase flats of already inbloom like pansies, Black Eyed Susans, Impatiens, and Petunias. They grow quickly, bloom for longer, and are inexpensive.

Make it shine
One final and virtually free (except for the elbow grease) way to bring positive attention to your home –sparkling clean windows show a house is well-cared for and maintained.

What are your plans for an exterior refresh this spring? 

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