Breaking The Cycle of Extreme Poverty

hungrychildrensmDid you know that Universal Children’s Day takes place on November 20th. First proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in 1954, it was established to promote the welfare of the world’s children, something that  dedicated a lifetime’s work to.

Universal Children’s Day should serve as a reminder that many children around the world suffer from extreme poverty, violence, disease, lack of opportunity, exploitation and discrimination.

Du Boisrouvray says, “If we can lift a community of children out of extreme poverty you can prevent an entire future generation from suffering.”  She feels strongly that targeting child poverty and prevention must be a key focus for those drafting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) over the next year. The SDGs will determine how the $2.5 trillion in development aid is spent up to 2030 and any decision must be made through the lens of how it will affect the world’s poorest children.

A big focus for FXB International is to protect future generations from living lives blighted by extreme poverty, and the hardships that come with that. du Boisrouvray’s goal was to break the cycle of extreme poverty for good, and it became clear to me that no one single intervention in isolation would ever be enough to target these diverse, but interconnected challenges — interventions had to be integrated.

As a result, she developed a program to eradicate poverty by implementing healthcare, housing, education, nutrition, and business.  Each of these drivers relies on the others to help break the cycle of poverty and secure long-lasting change the world’s poorest children and their families.

At the time of setting up FXB International 25 years ago, AIDS was ravaging the African continent, leaving orphans in extreme poverty with little hope for their future. The Ugandan government was one of the few that acknowledged the existence and extent of the AIDS epidemic.  This is where du Boisrouvray decided to start her work supporting orphans and vulnerable children.

This successful model has since been rolled out all over the world, and, to date, 86% of FXBVillage program participants have become self-sufficient, bringing themselves of extreme poverty and giving them hope for a better future. Over the last 25 years, the FXBVillage program has helped 12,000 families and 800,000 children out of extreme poverty, in Uganda, Rwanda, DRC, Burundi, India, China and Colombia.

Albina-du-BoisrouvrayMy son, François, was passionate about rescuing people. As a helicopter pilot, it was his job – but also his life. When he died, I wanted to keep François’ passion alive – by promoting the things that fascinated him, and by rescuing orphans and people around the world from extreme poverty. And so FXB International was born, with the ultimate aim to bring about peace and security in the world by focussing on children, youth and women.

Albina du Boisrouvray, Founder and Honorary President

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