Children’s Charity

"children's charity"What is more important in this world than our children?  We have no future without them, yet so many are not taken care of leading them to live terrible lives.  We do need to be aware of child-charities almost more-so than adults because these are people who CAN’T help themselves and need our help and guidance.  There is a Global Children’s Campaign called K.I.D.S. that was designed to do just that.

Kids in Distressed Situations’ (K.I.D.S.) mission is to provide NEW clothing, toys, shoes, baby products, books and more to children and families challenged by poverty, homelessness, domestic abuse, low literacy, military family service, major illness, incarcerated family members, and disaster survival. Over the past 26 years, K.I.D.S. has provided more than 70 million underprivileged and disaster-struck children with over one billion dollars of merchandise, giving these children, and often their entire families, hope and self-esteem through a gift of something BRAND NEW.

Throughout its history, K.I.D.S. has partnered with social service agencies across the country to distribute the new product that it receives as donations from manufacturers and retailers. Building on the foundation we have laid in every state of the country, in 2012, K.I.D.S. is establishing an overall national campaign to solicit product, raise money and increase awareness that connects the dots  between our local and national activities.

The campaign will also build on K.I.D.S.’ relationship with several retailers in which product is picked up or delivered to community agencies from the hundred plus stores that are located in communities throughout the country. Whether working with the local doors of Toys”R”Us, Gymboree, Carter’s or Lord & Taylor, K.I.D.S. has brought together the store managers with recipients to realize the “gift of giving.” These community partnerships will be strengthened and highlighted during the course of the year, ensuring that communities can more actively avail themselves of the donation process.

In addition, local friend and fundraisers will be held not only to raise resources but to increase awareness of K.I.D.S’ within local communities. While families are being helped by K.I.D.S. in the smallest to largest communities in our country, most people hardly know of the organization behind the giving and caring that takes place at K.I.D.S.


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