Local wins $50k For Charity From “The Give”

An Albemarle County teacher won $50,000 for the Belwop Project (a USA-based organization that supports and promotes the well-being of violated, neglected, and "Friends of Belwop"orphaned children in Kenya) through an online contest hosted by Cultivate Wines.

Albemarle County teacher submitted the charity in “The Give” contest and won $50,000 to be used in building an orphanage in Kenya that will house more than 100 children.  Hartley Jeffrees, a spanish teacher at St. Annes Belfield, supports the Belwop Project that was  started in March 2005, born out of the call and desire to serve underprivileged children.  “My endeavors in trying to rescue less privileged children and place them in already existing organizations was ineffective and frustrating,” stated Veronica Mumbi, founder of the Belwop Project.  “This lead me to establish a more effective and direct way of achieving my objectives.”

Cultivate, the company who awarded the $50k to the Belwop project, is actually a Wine Producer out of Colorado.  But they are evidently more than making wine.  Cultivate has vowed to give a portion of all of their wine sales to causes relating to education and basic human needs.  Cultivate is giving away a total of $100,000 per quarter to non-profits via a democratic voting system. The winner will receive $50,000, and the five runners-up will each receive $10,000.     To submit your non-profit, visit the Cultivate website and:

  1. If you work for a non-profit, you can submit a cause via the “Submit a Cause” page by explaining what your organization does and what you will use the money for.
  2. Along with the form, a short video is required as part of the pitch for why your project should receive funding.
  3. They’ll review the submissions to see that they meet eligibility requirements. A primary eligibility standard is that the money is going to fund a tangible project– for more on eligibility, please see the FAQ page and read the Terms & Conditions.
  4. Of the eligible applications, they’ll hand-pick 15 submissions and select another 15 at random and post them to the voting page.

This terrific company is not only giving back to their community, they’re giving back to the world.  We’ve heard it said a million times – Whitney Houston said it best “I believe the children are the future…”  They are.  And it’s a good thing that Cultivate Wines and the Belwop Project exists to take care of them.  Don’t you think?

If you have ideas for worthy charitable projects, please share them with me.  Take a look at this video of the Belwop Project:


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