Hope Is Delicious

"Win Win For A Cause"Jon Bon Jovi has recently opened a restaurant.  Now I know you’re thinking ‘what rock star/actor doesn’t have a restaurant?’  Well this one is different.  This one provides hope for the hungry instead of over-priced burgers and memorabilia.

JBJ Soul Kitchen, a place is ready for you if you are hungry, or if you hunger to make a difference in your community.  They believe that a healthy meal can feed the soul as well as the body.  Their menu has no prices. You select what you like and make the minimum donation. If you can afford to donate more you are helping to feed your neighbor. If you are unable to donate, an hour of volunteering pays for your meal (and doesn’t necessarily include washing dishes :)).  

At Soul Kitchen, neighbors from across the street or across town, new friends, families, those in need of help and those with help to offer, come together and share a good meal and the warmth of good company.  They are dedicated to eliminating hunger, building relationships, and celebrating community – things we should ALL dedicate ourselves to.  

So Bon Jovi isn’t just “Livin on a Prayer”, he’s actually answering prayers.  What a sincerely terrific way to utilize fame and fortune.  Nice guy.  For more information on the Soul Kitchen, check out this video:

Jon Bon Jovi Soul Kitchen from JBJ Soul Kitchen on Vimeo.


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