Dancing 4 Furry Friends

"2011 Critter Ball"Each and every year, the Charlottesville Albemarle SPCA holds what they call a Critter Ball to raise money for their shelter and it’s inhabitants.  8 local men and women have pledged their time (and they’re dancing shoes) to get down for the dogs and kick it for kitties.  Show your support for your favorite dancer (and their SPCA Mascot) by voting today!  Stuff the ballots box with advanced voting to be assured that your dancer and/or mascot of choice wins!  $1 is 1 vote, so pledge what you can to support the CASPCA.  You can donate securely by clicking HERE to go to the Critter Ball Site and it will allow you to vote for your pick.

A friend of mine (Denise Hood of Creative Juices Marketing) has been directing the campaign of one of the dancing contestants and local business owner Corbin Snow – www.CorbinRocks4Rover.com.   Corbin"Corbin Rocks 4 Rover" is the owner and operator of Snows Garden Center and Landscaping Services, a Charlottesville tradition for nearly 100 years.   He also stars in the weekly WINA radio Snow Knows Radio Show, the oldest gardening show on air in the US.

“My family and I are very passionate about supporting our community,” Snow stated.  “Being ‘gardening folks,’ we are big fans of nature and all it’s creatures.  The Charlottesville Albemarle SPCA is a no-kill shelter and they need support to house and feed the homeless pets and help them find new families to love and care for them in the future.  I will do anything I can to help them.”  Corbin has an ongoing blog that keeps fans entertained with dancing videos, stories of his training, and even allows the CASPCA furry inhabitants to blog from time to time.  He’s also contacting other local businesses to encourage donations on his behalf to the CASPCA.  Local businesses like Sammy Snacks, Dixon Disposal, ACAC, Sir Speedy, and the Double Tree have already donated money or services to his campaign.   CorbinRocks4Rover.com for more information or visit the SPCACritterBall site.

Here’s one of the blooper videos that he’s posted so you can see how the dancing is going:

Crazy right?  What good people will do to raise money for worthy causes is amazing.  Corbin just  held a Pancake Party at Applebees to raise more funds for his Rocks4Rover campaign on Saturday.  The CASPCA brought out some adoptable pets and WINA broadcasted live from the restaurant.

Other contestants for the Critter Ball are holding wine tastings, tail-gating, bowling parties and more.  It’s inspiring to see so many people work so hard for these animals and the SPCA desperately needs the support.

One last note about the CASPCA – they have LOTS and LOTS of kittens right now.  Cats too.  So many that they are holding a BOGO sale on them!  “Buy” one feline and get the second for free.  They will already be spayed or neutered with their initial shots as well.

Just to supply a little more motivation for adopting kitties, I’m including one more video that I got from the corbinrocks4rover site.  GO KITTY GO!!  Go adopt go!


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