Guest Inspiration

The following blog was written by Ken Malinowski of New American Mortgage.  He has also chosen to Win Win For A Cause with his clients.  I’m very happy to have him on board with Win Win! 

Betty Aguilar

This is the Ad from Men's Journal that inspired me to write this blog

Nearly everyone I’ve an opportunity to speak with has a cause or a charity they are passionate about.  More often than not, something occurred during their lives that touched them in some way. They’ve had a loved one who suffered through a debilitating illness or maybe they read an inspirational story (or blog) that really touched their heart.In these tough economic times, many people can’t afford to support charitable causes financially, and working long hours to make ends meet sometimes doesn’t leave room for volunteering their time to that cause.  So how does one with limited financial resources and limited time support their favorite charity?  By promoting awareness!  I came across an ad in Men’s Journal recently that promoted growing a beard in September to promote Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. They called it “Beardtember” and it really got me thinking.  We’ve all seen the pink ribbons for Breast Cancer awareness (Breast Cancer Awareness month is October by the way, so you’ll be seeing more soon).  There are other groups that have had great ideas on methods of promoting awareness.

Here are a few examples: – Distributes purple bracelets to encourage positive thinking – “No Whining” – Shave your head for Cancer Ribbon Week to promote drug free kids – T-shirts made by survivors of domestic violence are displayed on clothes lines to promote awareness.

These are just a few examples of ways you can promote the cause that is near and dear to your heart. If you’re supporting a group, we would love to hear about a unique way you promote awareness!  Please comment on this blog.

Ken Malinowski


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