Quake Shakes Virginia, Irene Blows It Away

A cropped image of Hurricane Irene making land...

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To say that Mother Nature has been acting a little uppity lately is a gross understatement.

This past Tuesday, the Commonwealth, amongst many other states, was shaken by an earthquake with a magnitude 5.8.  The quake began in Louisa County, not far from where I live, and was tied for third strongest along the East Coast in recorded history. Charleston, S.C., was hit by a 7.3 in 1886 and Giles County, Va., saw a 5.9 in 1897.  A 5.8 quake struck New York state in 1944.  Several hours after the first earthquake, a 4.2 magnitude aftershock hit in Mineral, Va., just after 8 p.m., EST.  Two nuclear reactors near the epicenter were taken offline as a precaution, officials said. No damage was reported at either.  Dominion Resources Inc said its 1,806-megawatt North Anna nuclear station in Virginia was designed to withstand a 6.2 magnitude earthquake, a spokesman told Reuters.  WHEW… that was close!

Of course none of us had warning of an impending earthquake, nor were we able to secure our breakables in preparation.  Thousands of folks in Louisa County alone have major damage to their homes and belongings due to the shake and the majority will get no help from insurance companies.  Needless to say, if you can afford to give some support to those in need due to the quake, please do so.

Now, Hurricane Irene is looming and there will most certainly be plenty of folks who aren’t prepared, even though they’ve been warned for over a week.  I don’t want this to turn into a big lecture, but try to prepare for the worst JUST IN CASE.  Help your neighbors and friends and even those who you don’t know.  Mother Nature can be scary sometimes.

Help Disaster Victims at http://www.fema.gov/rebuild/recover/howtohelp.shtm

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