A Cause For Paws

Much to my personal delight, The Charlottesville Albemarle SPCA was chosen by a recent client, Mortgage Advisor, Ken Malinowski as his WIN WIN FOR A CAUSE local charity.  As I am sure you are aware, my pledge for Win Win is to give 10% of my commissions on a real estate closing to the charity of my clients choice.  I will soon be delivering a check for over $600 to the shelter on behalf of Ken and his family, who have just closed on their new home in Crozet. 

"Charlottesville Albemarle SPCA"The Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA is a nonprofit animal welfare organization that provides a safe environment for the lost, abandoned, and homeless animals of Charlottesville and Albemarle County and places them in good homes.  They strive to set a standard of excellence and leadership in animal care, humane education, and progressive animal welfare programs.  The CASPCA is a non-kill shelter and they rely on the community to support their efforts, donate funds, adopt new companions and foster animals when needed.  Volunteers are always needed to walk the dogs, play with the cats and other furry friends. 

Their vision is to guarantee a good home to every healthy and behaviorally sound companion animal.  To save all dogs and cats that are medically treatable and can be behaviorally rehabilitated.  To be a leader and an example for other organizations. To set the standard for our region, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the nation for how to save lives. To develop constructive relationships that advance the CASPCA’s mission and vision with our community, our city/county governments and other nonprofit organizations.

I am very pleased that Ken and his family have chosen the CASPCA and hope that you will remember their efforts and consider contributing time or funds to this very worthy cause yourself.  By the way, Ken Malinowski is now pledged himself to Win Win for A Cause!  If you are considering buying a home and need mortgage assistance, contact Ken at ken.malinowski@newamerican.com.  Of course, if you need real estate assistance, be sure to contact ME, Betty Aguilar, at aguilar.betty@gmail.com or visit my website to search for local homes www.liveincentralva.com.

Enjoy the following photos of CASPCA companions… some still waiting for adoption!

"Bob Dog"    

"Megan Puppy"
"Cecilia Cat"   

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