Fuel for the Soul

For over 4 months, I have been following my pledge to Win Win For A Cause.  Yesterday, I wrote my 5th check to a local charity and it literally thrills me.  To know that what I am doing will help so many people, even in small ways, pleases me more then I can explain.  It is literally fuel for my soul.  Some people might think I’m crazy for giving away money that I’ve worked so hard to get. They wonder what I have to gain by pledging a portion of every commission I make.  The reason is, IT MAKES ME FEEL GREAT.  Simple as that.  I feel good AND my clients share in that good-feeling because they are responsible for designating the local charity that I will contribute to.  There’s the WIN WIN!  I now have proof -it IS possible to change the world to some extent.  All you have to do is view things from a different perspective. 

   1.  I have everything I need.  Others do not.    

   2.  I do a great job for all of my clients and I inspire them to be charitable in their lives, which makes them feel good.

   3.  Local Charities receive the support they need and deserve.

   4.  HOPEFULLY, others will look at what I’m doing is right and choose to do the same!

A friend and client of mine, Ken Malinowski, a mortgage advisor with New American Mortgage in Charlottesville, pledged to be a part of Win Win.  I can’t even tell you how pleased I am about it.  I hope that others will pledge to Win Win with me.  When you change the way you look at things, you literally change yourself.  I’m not crazy.   I know I’m only making a small contribution to this world.  But if only one person remembers me fondly for it, that’s good enough for me!


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