Absolute Happiness

Yes.  I know it is Monday.  Absolute happiness isn’t usually connected to what most con"Win Win For A Cause - Absolute Happiness"sider to be the worst day of the week.  But if you face your challenges with a smile on your face, they’re a lot easier to master… or something like that.

I have read that the wise Buddha taught that there are two kinds of happiness:   relative and absolute. 

Relative happiness is fleeting happiness that is with us today but may be gone tomorrow.  We pursue wealth, honor, social status, a trustworthy husband, a wonderful wife, children, a home, and good health but all of these are difficult to obtain and easily lost.  Whatever happiness we cling to eventually slips away.  Being full of uncertainty, we are living in constant fear of abandonment. This kind of fragile happiness which might collapse at any time cannot provide us the lasting happiness we seek.  This type of happiness, while STILL happy, is not what we all strive to achieve.

Absolute happiness, on the other hand, is eternal and ever-lasting happiness. Absolute happiness is the radiant joy of being firmly embraced without fear of abandonment. The timeless purpose of human life is to receive the unchanging happiness of being held fast and never forsaken. Once we achieve the true purpose of life, all suffering is repaid. Every tear shed comes back to us a pearl. 

Doesn’t that sound nice?  What if we all pledged to spend less time being angry and unhappy about things that we can not change and focus on reaching that ABSOLUTE HAPPINESS that we all wish to achieve.  OH and help others to achieve that happiness.  It stands to reason that if “Love Begets Love” than so should “Happiness Beget Happiness”, right?   So get to ‘begeting’ folks.  Win Win for a Cause


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