Transcendental Wind

Inherent in the nature of humans is the desire to improve and better ourselves. This process of going  beyond our current limitations is often referred to as “self transcendence.”  Self Transcendence can apply to any aspect of our being; the physical and mental transcendence of going beyond our purely egotistical thinking.

"win win for a cause"We humans make it a point to go beyond our supposed set limitations…  babies crawl and then they push themselves up to walk; children are happy riding with training wheels yet long to graduate to the ‘big kid’ bike; students who earn their bachelor’s degree often move right on to getting a masters.  Self-transcendence is growing into your unfulfilled potential. Self-transcendence is moving beyond the orbit of your ego into your soul. Self-transcendence is gaining a new concept of self that is much expanded and includes more of the universe. Your little self disappears and is replaced by a vast self as old lines of separation disappear and former distinctions no longer bind you. You are part of much more than you know or imagine. The universe is interconnected. You are part of All That Is.  The universe is non-local. You are everywhere. Only in the third dimension do you occupy such a small place in the scheme of things.  

What you do MATTERS.  Remember it and apply it to everything you do.


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